Queue (queue) wrote in my_ideas,

Automatic LJ downloader

A tool to let you download your entire journal automatically, using the export feature. Note that this requires figuring out cookies. Also make a utility that can be run once per month to take the most current month and add it on. Might be nice to make a nice searchable interface, as well. And, while we're on "might-be-nice", it might be nice to have the tool be able to download comments, too. Probably not for mass distribution, though, since the people who run LJ probably wouldn't be too happy about it.

Update 19 February 2003: So, I've got a front end for the export feature that lets you specify a starting month and an ending month. Note that this did not, in fact, require the use of cookies, but I did learn a little about cookies in the course of making this. It basically just grabs all of the months in range and slaps them together. It does a little fiddling so that they slap together well (removes headers in the middle). It also will try three times on a month if it gets timeout errors, so I imagine it should be okay except for the busiest of times, except that it may take a while (5 minutes?) to download your whole journal. If you're planning on doing something interesting with it, I'd recommend exporting it as XML. I will probably make something interesting in the future to parse the XML output of this.
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