Queue (queue) wrote in my_ideas,

WESUN Puzzle RSS Feed

Make an RSS feed for the NPR Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle. Can just have it run once per week, on Sunday night.

And, while you're at it, here's a cron tutorial.

Update 30 January 2003: Made the program that scrapes it and writes it into an RSS file. Need to put in functionality so that it will add additional items if the file already exists, thus not erasing what was there from week to week. Might also consider setting something up to archive it after a certain number of items, so that the file doesn't get too large. Could also look into an RSS templating module, which I'm sure exists. Then just need to set up the crontab file.

Update 3 February 2003: After some trials installing XML::RSS, I have this working, I think. I have the most recent puzzle added to the feed, LiveJournal is pointing at the feed (wesun_puzzle), and, if I set up the cron file correctly, it should update it every Sunday evening. Also, it does not update the RSS file if the puzzle has not been updated.
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