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Kevin's Ideas' Journal
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Friday, January 17th, 2003

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Programming: Jotto word scorer
Read lesson four of Ovid's Web programming course, and then make a Web page that uses forms to allow people to score Jotto words. There are already Web pages like this out there, but they are all for five-letter words. Mine will work for words of arbitrary length, and the two words don't have to be the same length (so that it works for X-Jotto).

Update: I have a very crude and preliminary Jotto scorer up.
Programming: Email-to-Web
Set up a Web page that I can update via email. That's what I was originally going to do instead of using this journal, but I figure that this is a decent temporary measure, at least. Eventually, though, I'd like to set up an ideas Web site that I can update by just sending an email with the info I want to update.

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